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Me: You know I am going to cry at your leavers assembly on Friday when you leave primary school don’t you?

Sx: Yep

Me: I’m really sorry. Is it ok or will it embarrass you?

Sx: (in resigned voice) Its OK

Me: But I’ll try not to cry when I come and take photos at your dress rehearsal of the school play

Sx: (in incredulous, “are you mad??? voice)What?????? Are you mad??????? Why would you cry at a DRESS REHEARSAL????? What are you like – that’s ridiculous!!!

So when I went along to take photos for the school today I knew I had to be on my best behaviour. What he had neglected to mention was that half way through the story (which was excellent) he was singing a duet all about missing his Mum …

“I know there’s no need to cry
as I know in my heart we’re sailing
underneath the same starry sky”


Such a sweet voice, and if I tried really hard I could imagine he might feel that way when he isn’t with me…oh ok I couldn’t but it was a nice dream!

Me: I know really when you sang that song you were just imagining how you’ll feel without me when you go to scout camp and how you’ll miss me

Sx (in incredulous “are you mad” ????voice): er….No.

(I can’t post pics from the play here due to school rules – so here is one of Sx on first day at school 7 years ago. Not sure what has changed most – him or my photography skills)