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Dx and Lx went out for a “birthday treat” trip to Toys R Us and Nandos with my sister in law (its not their birthdays yet but she lives in Amsterdam so have to take the opportunity when they can)…

Sx was in his school play performance…

Which left Gareth and I. so we decided to go out for a meal to celebrate his brilliant end of year report. Very proud of him and his conscientious attitude.

Previously I had never met a pina colada I didnt like – but today I had to send one back (turns out it was made with a mix so the waiter offered to make “one with real ingredients” (what a novel idea!!) but found the bar was missing the coconut cream. So I chose a “PS I love you” cocktail. That tasted like it was made with a mix too but by then my strength to complain was ebbing. After trying to cut the brownie in the ice cream with a knife and finding it was as hard as a rock…then getting a replacement with a puddle of  melted ice cream…we wont be going there again.However – the company was excellent and it was lovely to spend time with my quietest boy on our own (Unfortunately only had a camera phone with me…)

IMG_0754(2)(I’d like to be able to lie and tell you the cheese dip wasn’t this colour. But it was!)