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KN3A2287(2)After an emotional time saying goodbye to Lx’s school helper (as she is off to a new job at the end of term) it was a busy evening going to Gx’s drama end-of-term show to 5pm, a meeting at Sx’s new school re the summer school at 6pm nd then on to the kids’ school for 6.45 to set up to take photos for the levers disco.

The disco was organised by a group of year 6 parents (as opposed to the normal school discos which are organised by the PTA and I have to say – I think we did  fabulous job tonight!

There were banners and balloons,  red carpet on arrival, welcome cocktails (in proper plastic cocktail glasses with sugared rims) A disco nd sncks (including ice pops half way through) and  “photo booth” outside with silly hats and wigs etc for them to have pictures with their friends.

The photo booth was REALLY popular and they were queuing for the entire 1.5 hours for more silly pics. They will all get a copy of them all on a CD. So lovely to see them all enjoying themselves with their friends…but it did worry me how good Sx looked in that wig!