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KN3A3093(2)Over in Amsterdam the sun was shining – what better weather for a trip on “Cotton Eye Joe” my brother’s boat named after my Uncle Joe who died last year.KN3A3021(2)

First we negotiated the busy canals of the city – picking up Susan en route (a girl I used to work with 10 years ago who is Dutch and who had returned to Amsterdam. When my brother moved here I introduced them and they are now friends too – which has been surreal sometimes when I have skyped them and she has been there!)

KN3A2790(2)Lx loved steering the boat when we were in quieter waters but she was glad to get to the restaurant for lunch and sit in the shade as it was SO hot on the boat. After lunch she had a little nap – when she woke it was cooler and she was refreshed and she loved the rest of the trip.

KN3A2762(2) KN3A2980(3)KN3A2977(3)

KN3A2951(3) KN3A2825(2)At one point we had to arrange for the bridge to be raised for us to fit under – the “bridge keeper” came cycling down the path to go and open it up for us.

KN3A2880(2)The waterways were beautiful – reedbeds and waterlilies, bridges and windmills.


KN3A2918(3) KN3A2854(2) KN3A2836(2)

KN3A3005(2) KN3A2844(2)A special “bridge” where the cyclists or pedestrians pull the bridge across on chains.


When we got back we left Barry and Janet to “put the boat to bed” and we went on into Amsterdam for a drink. Susan had a brainwave and took us to a beautiful – and quiet – bar by the water where we watched the sun set.

KN3A3046(2) KN3A3055(2)The waiter even managed to find some milk and some bread and honey for Lx.

KN3A3039(2)milk moustache!

KN3A3058(2)A beautiful end to a wonderful day.