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KN3A3266(2)Today in Amsterdam we were off to the beach! Just 20 minutes by train and we were there. Wall to wall sun loungers, brown bodies and sand.



We broke up the general horizontal relaxing with (at various times) beers, sangria and pancakes.


KN3A3232(2) KN3A3242(2) KN3A3237(2) KN3A3228(2) KN3A3230(2) KN3A3240(2) KN3A3243(2)As the day came to an end my brother joined us for dinner at the beach. A wonderful restaurant serving THE most delicious champagne cocktails

KN3A3245(2) (although Lx was luckily just as happy with her coke!)


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We had to leave before the sun had truly set to catch the last train home – but it was still beautiful.KN3A3262(2)