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KN3A3747(2)The weather forecast was NOT good for today so we decided to go for “early bird” bowling.  I’d seen some wonderful photos taken at bowling alleys in the US so tried my own versions…

KN3A3754(2) KN3A3759(2) KN3A3678(2) KN3A3696(2) KN3A3707(2)After bowling the sun was still valiantly trying to shine so we went for a picnic lunch  and the kids had a wonderful time playing…until the heavens opened at around 3pm and we had to adjourn to Claire’s for our final coffee of the day.

A wonderful day – especially given the forecast and our worries about how to spend our time! KN3A3712(2) KN3A3713(2) KN3A3716(2) KN3A3724(2) KN3A3745(2)  KN3A3748(2)