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KN3A4250(2)Sx is off to “summer school” tomorrow at his new secondary school. It is a new week long government funded scheme which means he will get to do a science experiment in the science lab, some math in the maths department, some English in the english department etc. all mixed in with sporting activities and with an emphasis on fun rather than academia.

KN3A4267(2)The aim is to help the children familiarise with different areas of the school and get to know some of the people who will be starting with them in September.


It is a whole new world both for him and for me. Over the next few years he will make choices about the kind of person he wants to be, the path he wants to follow through life. I’ve told him he is bound to make mistakes along the way – and that’s ok. I’ve also told him that I know he in’t going to turn into a copy of me – his idea will be different and that’s ok too (although there may be time where I have to play the “parent” card and enforce my decisions because I may know better than him the reasons why his choice is not a wise one)


I hope he will make a good group of friends who will be there to share the journey with who can be relied on to support him  – even when he doesn’t choose to do everything they do or has his own ideas which differ from their own.


KN3A4271(2) KN3A4261(2)     KN3A4276(2)   KN3A4287(2) I hope his path through secondary school is full of wonderful experiences, lots of laughter (not in class!) and making the most of all the opportunities which come his way.