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I wouldn’t want you to think its all fun, fun, fun for the kids on this holiday. Oh ok it is. But sometimes its fun with an educational slant. Or that’s how I try and sell it 😀

KN3A4733(sm)I have been trying to get Lx and Dx to just do about 10 minutes of “homework” each day when we are not dashing from place to place. That kind of “Little and often” approach works so well with Lx and she needs a lot of extra help with understanding the basics of maths (she looks so panicked when the words “divided by” crop up poor love) and with her writing.

KN3A4715(2)smDx is the youngest in his year so he could do with a little boost too so to keep Lx company they have both been doing some work in the holidays.  KN3A4730(sm)

KN3A4718(sm)Generally they do two sentences of “Diary” (preparing them for writing their own blog in years to come?!) and two maths questions followed by some PE (trying to teach Lx to jump by standing on her toes instead of jumping flat footed – and also doing some “clapping simple rhythms back”) As we are on holiday we brought sticker books to do – and Dx was having so much fun he did an extra page before he realised.


His maths skills are whizzing along now – his confidence has exploded and he did his two pages with no help. And although “some” answers were a bit random (!) he did really well.