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KN3A4550(5)(sm)The first day and it was spent relaxing (this might be a recurring theme!). The children spent quite a lot of it in the pool (Dx is now VERY brave about jumping in!).

KN3A4697(2)(sm) The rest of it they spent filming “nerf wars” – their holiday pastime. The garden here is enormous (we came here last year too so they knew what to expect) so lots of room for chasing each other round and shooting foam bullets at each other.


Matt and I are taking it in turns to take charge each day – of food and of the children. SO after two days of doing all the driving to get here (and looking after the children both days as I wanted to ensure no squabbles in the car distracting me or any fighting in the hotel rooms – where I also took the two most “difficult” children Sx and Gx to make sure the situation stayed calm) I had today to myself.

One book read, tan topped up a little, photos so far edited up…and no cooking, cleaning, dealing with bedtime etc.  And another day of the same tomorrow.


(I did go with Lx to do the “big shop for the holiday this morning..andI looked after the kids in the pool while Matt got lunch and dinner – so it wasn’t ALL relaxing by the pool.  But admittedly – it was MAINLY that!)