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KN3A4885(sm)I had half an hour to spare this morning so I wandered round the garden looking for inspiration.


Those of you who have read my blog for a while will know that my macro lens and I took a while to get on together and had an uneasy start to our relationship . Now though we are such good friends we go on holiday together – and this morning we had some fun in the garden.

We started off with some resin on the tree…


and moved onto the dew…


I’ve learnt instead of despairing at the shallow depth of field, to use it to the full. It really does give some amazing effects.

KN3A4859(sm) KN3A4833(sm) KN3A4909(sm)

Who would have known that those early morning water droplets could produce such a variety of photos in a small area in a small space of time.

KN3A4897(sm)  KN3A4826(sm) KN3A4944(sm)  KN3A4959(sm) KN3A4955(sm)I’ll be trying this again – although next time I might take something to lie on for the “wet grass” shots!