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KN3A5482(sm)A morning at the beach was postponed today when the day began overcast. It was still warm but not the best day we have had – so a good excuse for a morning of family game of “Uno”.

KN3A5465(3)(sm) (And a chance for me to remember I brought my speedlite with me and to practise using it as I rarely get it out as I don’t know what I am doing . The first photo below shows how it SHOULDN’T be done-  the flash is a little overpowering in that one but I am more pleased how the others turned out! It’s still VERY much trial and error as i much prefer to use natural light where possible  –  these were with the flash bouncing off the ceiling with the flash set to +2/3. Any advice on using it appreciated!)

KN3A5422(sm)After the first game ended in tears (Dx is NOT a good loser!) we divided into teams for the rest of the games.


KN3A5471(2)(sm)By the evening the sun was golden in the garden as usual and hopefully the beach trip will be on for tomorrow morning instead.