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KN3A7634(2)bw(sm)As Dx’s birthday falls on the day we will be packing to come home we have decided to celebrate his birthday over 2 days. Today (a la Alice in Wonderland) is declared his “unbirthday” and will be celebrated by a meal out at lunchtime and cake later.

The meal out was at an Italian restaurant at another pretty medieval town called St Yrieux (preceded by a quick family photocall while we were all looking semi smart. The top photo was taken by the method known in the family as a “magic photo” where I take a photo and then everyone stands still and someone from the original photo takes my place to take another with me in – for me to merge the two photos later. Hope you can’t spot the join 😉 )KN3A7647(2)(sm)

KN3A7688(2)(sm) KN3A7689(2)(sm)I had a great pasta with salmon (a nice break from the pizzas so far – the staple diet of a non meat eater abroad!) and the children loved the “ears and faces” on their ice creams.KN3A7675(2)(sm)KN3A7678(2)(sm)

A very special treat for Dx – coke. Not normally allowed in our family till you are 8. (Such terrible parents!) But it was his birthday after all – so perhaps just a small one!KN3A7666(2)(sm) Scott loves Orangina (not found in the UK) and very generously allowed Dx his first taste of that.KN3A7665(2)(sm)Tomorrow is his real birthday when there will be presents, more cake and a trip to the beach pre-packing.

KN3A7804(2)(sm)In the evening I took a few more photos of Lx.

KN3A7810(3)(sm) KN3A7831(2)(sm) KN3A7826(2)(sm)