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KN3A8359(2)We got back at 11.30 last night and were out at 8.30 this morning. It’s amazing what you can do when you want to. And we wanted to deny the summer was coming to an end. Deny the need to unpack cases, do washing, ironing, tidying, preparing for school starting and generally anything to get our house in order for the return to routine.

KN3A8347(2)Instead we went and got some last bis of school unform from the school shop, some bits for lnch from the supermarket, and then headed out to a friend’s house for the day. Where we spent our time lounging in the sunshine, playing in the pool, catching up on summer news and enjoying the last rays of a lovely summer.

KN3A8344(2)When we got home the mess and the chores were still there – glaring accusingly at us.

But there is always tomorrow for those!