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Happy days – in the last week I have got my 200th follower (hello!!) and have won an award. I have been very tardy in posting about the award and passing it on as this week has been full of returning from holiday, remembering what happens when we are at home and sorting the children out getting back to school.


This weekend I fully intend to post about it – and to pass the honours on as is the tradition with WordPress awards. I am so so thrilled to have got it.

And I am so pleased to have 200 of you interested in the everyday ramblings about our lives. There is only 1 person in that 200 that I have actually met and know (and she introduced me to the wonders of wordpress). That means 200 “strangers” are keeping up with our news, our triumphs and disasters and our photo diary. Feels a little strange sometimes – but in a good way 😉 !


But some of you have become more than strangers – through comments and reading each others blogs, through messages of support when times are tough I hav felt the warm side of wordpress and thought I would take the time right now to say “thank you”.


So…the Oscar style speech is over. But I thought I would mark the occasion with 10 of my favourite photos from the summer. It has been a wonderful summer and I thought I would pore through all the pics and find those which are among my personal favourites – to dot about this post. They aren’t the best technically, they aren’t the “prettiest” – they range from photos taken with an iphone (above) through a point and shoot and waterproof camera right up to my DSLR. But they capture the bits I want to remember most about this summer. The ones which evoke the memories for me. I hope you don’t mind me indulging myself 😀

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