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Back to rugby and for Sx a return to the dilemma of whether to play for the A team (more glory, more tournaments but much MUCH tougher coaching and more stress) or the B team (friendlier, more relaxed but a lower standard and not as likely to win). We had hoped he would stick with the B team as he enjoyed it last season and was able to just “enjoy” rugby.

But this year because the squads are bigger, there will be no C team – which means the standard in the B team will be lower as it will include all C team members (and the B team members who weren’t good enough to move up to the larger A team. And the head coach sent us an email saying he “had his fingers crossed that Sx would play for the As this season as they really could do with him.”

So it has raised all the questions all over again. The jury is still out at present.

Meanwhile Gx has given up – and Dx went along today to try it out – and is saying he will go back again! We’ll see what he says next week when the time comes  – but at least Matt managed to get a photo of him in case it ends up being a one off 😉