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I rushed the children out of bed an hour early, chased them out he door and we set off to Sx’s new school where it was school photo day and those requiring “photos with siblings” needed to be there at 8am. Turned out they meant “photos with siblings who also attend this school” and siblings from out of school were not allowed. What a waste of a Monday morning!!

Especially as poor Dx was complaining of tummy ache. He did seem in quite bad pain and had a temperature too so I agreed he could stay home (and when I went in to school to tell them – there were several others in the “sick register” with tummy ache and fevers so I guess there is a bug going around.

KN3A9504(sm)I had to drag him with me to pick up a photo print I needed to get framed today so while it was being processed we went to the cafe – and he managed stoicly (!) to eat a gingerbread lady as a little treat for coming with me.

KN3A9511(sm)Then home to snuggle up on the sofa and watch TV with his teddy – until by 11am that was too much for him and he went to bed.

KN3A9515(sm)Luckily he got up in the afternoon feeling much better and seems to be over it.