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The light was so beautiful this morning and the place where Gx was playing football was edged with grasses and bushes which were beautifully backlit. So I took the opportunity while he wasn’t playing and was subbed out to take some photos of Lx.

KN3A0013-Edit-Edit(sm)I am trying to master a) using kelvin for white balance b) using the zone system for exposure (I exposed for the green grass here today) and c) using back button focus.

KN3A0014(sm) KN3A0163(sm) KN3A0082(sm)I was so pleased with how these turned out – they needed hardly any processing (some of these have had no processing bar a quick sharpen) because the settings worked so well. And of course it is lovely to have some more beautiful photos of Lx.




I love the colour her hair looks in the sunlight. So beautiful.

KN3A0063(sm) KN3A0158(sm)

This one above just reminds me of how she looked when she was younger. Still a glimpse of the “little” girl in there.KN3A0118(sm) KN3A0115(sm) KN3A0114(sm)  KN3A0105(sm) KN3A0101(sm)

I sneaked one of Dx too but he was more interested in running round playnig than posing for me!KN3A0093(sm)  KN3A0082(sm) KN3A0077(sm) KN3A0067(sm)