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5D-KN3A0865(sm)Sx had the day off school today due to teachers’ strikes. We decided against another trip to Legoland as lots of people would be there with the schools closed. Instead he chose a trip to town to get him a coat and some new clothes (and he was actually quite excited at the idea – how he has changed!!)

5D-KN3A0775-Edit(sm) 5D-KN3A0796(sm)The weather was beautiful so I suggested a photo shoot on the way and he was really up for the idea. 5D-KN3A0823(sm) 5D-KN3A0774(sm) 5D-KN3A0798(sm) 5D-KN3A0842(sm) We headed to the park for some photos with a colourful background, a little “parkour” and then off for lunch and shopping.

5D-KN3A0875(sm) 5D-KN3A0877(sm) 5D-KN3A0928-Edit(sm) 5D-KN3A0931(sm)Again I am currently stunned by how the photos are coming out – straight from the camera. I don’t know which of the new things I am using has changed it (zone system, back button focus or zone system) but the difference is REALLY noticeable and I feel like doing a little dance! The only editing any of  these photos needed was a little tidying up and  sharpen.

5D-KN3A0895(sm) 5D-KN3A0900-Edit(sm)5D-KN3A0744-Edit(2)(sm)