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KN3A1133(sm)Another Saturday – another football match. This time I was watching Sx play and luckily it was just down the road so I ould kick him out at 8.30 to go for the warm up and walk down with the other 3 children in time for 9am kick off buying myself a bit longer in the warm 🙂

KN3A1016(sm) He managed to score two goals but they were still well and truly beaten.


KN3A0960(sm) KN3A0961(sm) The other advantage of them playing at home was that the others could take their bikes down to the park (Dx wasn’t keen though as he still finds riding his VERY difficult).

KN3A1076(sm) KN3A1078(sm) KN3A1077(sm) KN3A1080(sm) KN3A1083(sm) KN3A1081(sm)KN3A1090(sm)They are all really patient about standing on the sidelines at weekends. It is how they have grown up but I am still amazed at home they just play and amuse themselves while their big brother plays sport.   Dx was team mascot again!