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So today is the first of the weekly posts I am going to do re photography. Basically as I travel through the photography world I find all kinds of useful bits and pieces – and I don’t know where to share it. so in case any of you might find it useful, once a week I hope to share it here.

So every Sunday I plan to post on here with anything I have found out this week. It’s likely to be a bit of a smorgasbord as my wanderings round the photography world aren’t necessarily linear!

This first post is dedicated to “content aware fill” which is a great tool in Photoshop to get rid of unwanted trivia in a photo. I had never really used it before – I had been using the patch or clone tool to get rid of litter on the beach, trees poking in the sides of photos and unwanted background junk. But for a lot of situations, the content aware fill took saves a lot of time and does a great job.

For example in the following photo – I thought my daughter would look SO much better without a bar through her head…

content awareand I thought the lines on the wall behind my son were distracting…

KN3A0222(sm) KN3A0222-Edit(sm)

Sometimes it might need a bit a tidy up with the clone tool. But its a fantastic quick way of getting an area cleaned up.

And to finish up – a link to a REALLY useful set of “cheat sheets”. Quick tips on various different aspects of photography. Lots of very useful info in bite sized format.

Please let me know if this kind of post is useful as it’s the first one I have done!!