I have been terrible at passing on the awards I have received. I received a flurry of them back in August – thanked the people who gave them to me and then locked them in my treasure chest. I have kept meaning to pass them on but to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed by them and not sure who to pass them on to.

But today I got another one – and decided enough is enough – time to get off my couch and see about passing on the honours.

So…today I was nominated for the “WordPress Family Award.” by Charlotte at “It Does not Do to Dwell on Dreams and Forget to live

At the end of August I was nominated for the same award by the wonderfully different Princessfairyzooboo and have been EXTREMELY RUDE in not getting my act together before now – apologies.

At the end of August I also had a flurry of awards from Charlotte (link as above)

“One Lovely Blog Award”

“Most Creative Blogger Award”

The “Liebster Award”,

Reader Appreciation Award”

Rather than nominate the same blogs for several awards and overwhelm them in turn, I am going to pass on the WordPress Family Award by nominating 10 people, You need to

1. put the award logo on your blog

2. nominate 10 people

3. link the 10 people’s blogs to your blog post and let them know that you’ve nominated them for an award.

I hope you will maybe go and see these blogs I have nominated and discover for yourself why I like them 🙂

1. Another family with 3 boys, a girl and a Mum with a camera! – Eloise Radziwill Photography

2. A relatively new discovery of mine with great words as well as pictures – A Curious Girl

3. A fresh outlook on life and a blog to bring a smile to your face – Princessfairyzooboo

4. A blog containing two different sets of family life from two different parts of the world – Best of Two Sisters

5. Lots of photographic inspiration on Leanne Cole Photography

6. A lovely set of photos and words from Fly on the Wall

7. Several years worth of 365s all very imaginative and creative from 365 Days of Whatever

8. Living life in the 1950s style Living the 1950s

9. Amazing photos of family life from Anika Alonzo

10 And some wonderful photography (including very useful tips on how he does it) from Mark Shimazu Photography

thank you to all of you for the inspiration in my time at wordpress 🙂