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KN3A5465(3)(2)(sm)There was a special offer on DIY photo calendars so I bought myself one for next year and in a fit of self indulgence and bravery I decided to make it all about me and my children and only include photos of us together. I searched out 13 photos of me with them from 2013 to use for each month – plus the cover (finding that many photos of us together was possible but not as easy as it “should” be given how many photos I take in a year!)P1300209(2)(sm)

P1310043(3)bw(2)(sm) KN3A3095(4)(sm) KN3A3124(2)(sm)   P1230336(2)(sm) P1250191(2)(sm) P1260073(2)(2)(sm)P1300019(3)(sm)

It will hopefully serve as a daily reminder to be in the shot more in 2014 although to be honest as the only adult in the house I am probably in the shot MORE these days as I make sure I make the effort to ask them to take photos of me – or I hold the camera to get us both in.

KN3A3240(3)(sm) P1270061(2)(sm) P1280135(2)(sm) Previously I guess with two camera wielding adults bout I always hoped I would feature in some shots but rarely did. Now I hope to make sure I feature more regularly in these photographic memories P1300019(3)(sm)