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KN3A2018-Edit(sm)The first day of the half term holiday. We hadn’t planned too much due to the terrible storm forecast last night and the resulting devastation promised by the media. As it was, we woke here after a restful night to blue skies and a breezy day. We were very lucky compared to other parts of the country.

KN3A1996(sm)After having a friend over to visit in the morning, the sun was still out in the afternoon so Sx and Lx went out on their scooters.

KN3A2006-Edit-Edit(sm)Sx was keen to show me his tricks – and for me to take photos so he can share them with his friends. Unfortunately for a lot of them he was pulling ridiculous faces from the effort of it all so the photos were not ones he would want to share! KN3A2014-Edit(sm) Then it was Lx’s turn and she tried to show me some tricks too…

KN3A2043(sm) KN3A2047(sm)Of course I get distracted sometimes taking photos of her – she is so lovely to take photos of, I forget I am supposed to be concentrating on her feet!!

KN3A2054(sm) KN3A2057(sm) KN3A2091-Edit(sm) KN3A2058(sm)But she had a lovely time showing off for the camera!

KN3A1953(sm) KN3A2082(sm) KN3A2083(sm) KN3A2099(sm) KN3A2103(sm)