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Today we decoraed our first ever pumpkins. We have often been away for October half term so haven’t been around to carve pumpkins or do trick or treating (we have done trick or treat once before).

Today I had the pleasure of scooping goo out of four pumpkins. What a mess!!! I was quite naively shocked and I am afraid ours stayed quite “rustic” looking inside!

The two little ones drew on their design and the two older ones carved their own.  By the end of it we knew far more about carving pumpkins than I did when I started…and we have four grinning orange fools (and four pumpkins!)


In the afternoon while the two older boys were at pantomime rehearsals, we went to Dx’s wonderful godmother Wendy’s house as she is fantastic with all things Halloween and I had asked her to help us decrate some cakes and make some decorations.

KN3A2585(sm) KN3A2486(sm)Not only were there cakes to decorate and decorations to make, there were games to play, “eyeball” treasure hunts to do, skeletons to reassemble and halloween music to dance to. Dx and Lx had a great time. KN3A2512(sm) KN3A2546(sm) KN3A2571(sm) KN3A2574(sm)(Because of the lighting being turned down for “atmosphere” I ended up using my speedlite. Luckily it is on my current “to learn” list so I had re-acquainted myself with the basics last week. IT made for better photos than bumping the ISO to 16000 but I still have a way to go to get photos I like as much as natural light – especially when they come out “flat looking” like the example below.)