Please could you take a moment if you follow me – to let me know by liking this post if it appears IN YOUR READER. If you don’t follow me…please don’t like this post as it will confuse matters!!

Since I changed my blog name my blog is NOT appearing in my reader of “followed blogs”. It appears in the categories I tag eg 365, photos etc but not in the “followed blogs” reader.

If you follow this and have found this some other way (eg through receiving an email notification, looking on a category like “365”) but it didn’t appear in your reader it would be a huge help if you can let me know with  quick message.

WordPress are kindly investigating for me but we need to know who is seeing it and who isn’t to give them some clues. It may be that I only appear for people who joined me since the blog had this name. It may be elves at work causing mischief…!

thank you so much