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Lx came in to my room early this morning to complain of tummy ache and so stayed home from school today. She curled up on the sofa under the duvet in the morning and went to bed for a sleep after lunch.

KN3A6643(sm) KN3A6649(sm) KN3A6639(sm) KN3A6659(sm)The good thing about duvet days is complete power over the remote control!

KN3A6667(sm) KN3A6671(sm)(Meanwhile…there was an amazing sunrise this morning – It looked like someone was shining an orange light on the garden.

sunriseMy parents came to help with some decluttering. Its soul destroying sometimes the hours I can spend sorting stuff out only to find nothing looks any better afterwards!

And Bobby the elf was still in the same place this morning as he was yesterday. Whoops)