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KN3A8700(sm)A long day for everyone today not helped by me feeling full of a cold. Sx Gx and I set off for the theatre for a run through before the show. It was a good job I took photos yesterday at the rehearsal as they didn’t have time to do a full run through of the whole show today but just picked out bits and pieces.

KN3A8102(sm)Then it was time for the matinee. I was so proud of both boys – Gx was just amazing and managed to stay in character throughout and got some great laughs. I was also impressed by his tennis skills as he served packets of sweets into the audience!

KN3A7975(sm) KN3A7973(sm) KN3A8377(sm) KN3A8380(sm)And Sx did really well as a pirate – with some great facial expressions some comic lines and some real enthusiasm in the songs.

KN3A8141(sm) KN3A8143(sm) KN3A8528(sm) KN3A8449(sm)An hour off (and a chance for me to get some group shots) and then on to the evening performance. I was shattered by now so was really impressed with how the children kept going throughout and put on a fantastic performance. Then at 10pm we were all off home – and straight to bed for everyone including me!!

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