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This is our first year with our Elf on the Shelf Bobby. We have had to tell him not to do anything TOO naughty as Lx is still not entirely convinced she wants him around (in fact some mornings it would appear he hasn’t moved – so I think we might have got a sub standard or very lazy elf!!)

But he has had some adventures…!

He has pirated his own ship (complete with own eye patch)

KN3A9293(sm)He has cut up snowflakes out of paper – and littered the floor with them and the little bits of paper which looked like snow all over the floor…

P1310109(sm)he has abseiled down the lights

KN3A6593-Edit(sm)told us his views on homework…

KN3A6628-Edit(sm)ridden a reindeer

KN3A6586-Edit(sm)hidden in the Christmas tree

P1310079(sm)perched up high…

P1310086(sm)picked all the toys up in a dumper truck…

P1310085(sm)and this morning we found he had pushed the fairy off the Christmas tree and taken her place!