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After our breakfast with Santa we went home for an afternoon of getting in a Christmassy mood.

P1350069(sm) P1350067(sm)First up was watching a movie (Nativity 2) under the duvets complete with two kinds of toffee to sustain us.

KN3A6777(sm) KN3A6776(sm) KN3A6774(sm)(Dx cuddling his toy skunk from Santa)KN3A6778(sm)Then we decorated our gingerbread house.

KN3A6783(sm) KN3A6792(sm) KN3A6790(sm) KN3A6784(sm)Bacon sandwiches for tea (as requested by the oldest two boys) then Matt came round for the final parts of the traditions. While I got the pains au chocolat out to defrost for breakfast and made hot chocolate for the boys, the children got into their new Christmas pyjamas and then they read “The Night before Christmas”.


KN3A6848(sm)This year they took it in turns to read a page each – which turned into a bit of a farce when Lx misread “The children were nestled” as “the chicken was nasty”

KN3A6798(sm) KN3A6809(sm)Then Dx wrote a note to Santa to leave with some cereal (we think he needs something healthy after all those mince pies everyone else leaves!) and a carrot for the reindeer before setting out the stockings and going to bed.

KN3A6835(sm) KN3A6841(sm) KN3A6837(sm) KN3A6846(sm)All ready for tomorrow..  KN3A6867(sm) KN3A6865(sm)