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Off for a 20 minute car journey…and then almost the same amount of time unpacking the car full of presents, crisps, cakes, bedding to stay the night, wine, baileys and the gingerbread house (carefully carried on Sx’s lap all the way there in the car).

Santa came to visit us and help give some presents out – and Dx decided to dress up for a while to match (although we found that white beards and tortillas covered in cheesy orange stuff don’t do well together!)


KN3A7035(sm)Then it was time for some serious food – and some general silliness with crackers with bells in. Sx took over as conductor but still had difficulty getting a tune out of us all that was recognisable.

KN3A7051(sm)-2  KN3A7072(sm)


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We spent the night there – assorted sleeping bags and duvets and camping mats. Dx and Lx were asleep befor their heads touched the pillow – but Dx was SO pleased to have “stayed up till tomorrow”!

PS This Christmas I decided to take some photos with my speedlite. I didnt want to be spendnig ages fiddling with trying to get sharp photos in low light when I could be opening presents/eating/drinking/playing silly games. ultimately the photos of Christmas Day are to remind me of a moment not to be necessarily technically perfect. I’m glad I took that approach and am pleased that they came out ok. In fact some of them – I can’t remember whether I used flash or not!