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After two days of eating drinking and being merry I had two days without the children (while they spent time with their Dad)

KN3A7193(sm)They came home last night so today was our first “normal” day for the children to play with their presents and generally chill out.

The day started with pancakes (of course!)


KN3A7194(sm)Then time to play – lego for Dx (and in a rare moment of oldest brother lego action, Sx helped him get started – before abandoning us all in favour of the park with his friends)

KN3A7204(sm) KN3A7221(sm) KN3A7217(sm) KN3A7205(sm) KN3A7226(sm)Lx enjoyed her foot spa (she is desperate to join a spa so this Christmas she got lots of “spa at home” stuff).

KN3A7236(sm)Dx’s plns to “paint his own” train were cancelled when we got to the bit in the instructions where it said “let glue dry for 12 hours”. Oops – guess we will do the painting another day then!