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Happy New Year! I am so glad to see a new year start. A chance to make resolutions, start over and remember that today is the first day of the rest of my life and it is up to me what that life is like.

Wonderful to be with my “babies” to start the New Year, to celebrate with and to wake up with.

New Years Day 4 photos(sm)We managed to stay sleeping till about 8.30 and then after a quick cup of coffee we set off home (where all the duvets and pillows fell out of the boot when we opened it , onto the muddy wet driveway. Oops – straight in the washing machine!)

We cuddled up on the couches with bacon sandwiches, fresh pains au chocolat and managed to stay awake through James Bond’s exploits before I went up for a nap and so did the younger ones. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to sleep – so back down to clear up the kitchen and to get things together for a roast dinner.

The children loved demolishing the gingerbread house for pudding tonight.

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