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Back to the routine of homework tonight. Dx needs a lot of help with his writing still. He moved up to the top set for maths last week but today they moved him back down again as he was struggling. It is hard as he is not acheving what his older brothers did – but is it because that is how HE is, because he is one of the youngest in his year…or because I havent spent enough time helping him? life is full of guilt as a mother!

Gx just gets on with his homework and dows a great job – bless him. He needs no nagging, no help but  just a little encouragement and pride to keep him going.

KN3A7986(2)(sm)Meanwhile a good evening with Lx’s homework – she did some maths on her own without any help and then worked hard on some sentences for a story with me typing them up on the computer.

(she is doing “Fantastic Mr Fox at school – so we decided to write “Brilliant Miss Bunny”)

Brilliant Miss Bunny

At Buckingham Palace many years ago there was a beautiful princess called Bethany Bunny who was extremely rich. She was the richest person in the world because her mother and father were the King and Queen. Bethany Bunny was very young and incredibly pretty with long blonde hair and sparkling, sapphire blue eyes. On Tuesdays she went to gymnastics and she was really amazing at acrobatics and brilliant at backflips. She was known as brilliant Miss Bunny.

Bethany Bunny lived in Buckingham Palace.  It was the biggest and best palace in the world because it was made of gold and covered in expensive, shiny emeralds and rubies. Inside it was glittering from top to bottom with diamonds. The garden was huge with a magnificent deep blue lake with still water like a mirror surrounded by furry, green grass where Bethany Bunny liked to practise her gymnastics.

(to be continued….)