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KN3A9178-Edit(sm)For a while I have been menaing to take some photos using my ipad as a light source Partly for a “low light” project and partly for another “directional light” project I am part of. By the time the evening comes my inspiration and energy are usually low though so it has been a while coming.

KN3A9174(sm) KN3A9160(sm)Tonight I managed to get the softbox app on the ipad working andtake some photos of the two littlest asleep. Although I did feel I needed an assistant to hold the ipad over Dx’s bed as it was hard to get it where I wanted so I wasn’t as successful getting them of him.

KN3A9135(sm)With Lx it was far easier as I could prop it up on the edge of her bed.

KN3A9171(sm)KN3A9163(sm) KN3A9169(sm)