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I had a rubbish afternoon today. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. That is when I can understand how lovely it must be for people who go home to support and sympathy.

Luckily I go home to four little people who give me hugs and cuddles and tell me stories of their day filled with stickers, lunchtime games, plans for weekend fun and questions about random trivia.

And tonight after a meeting that left me in tears, completely frustrated and  incredibly angry  – I went home with my lovely children – and a very special card.

KN3A9877(sm)It included a heart (to show he loves me) a bunch of flowers…

KN3A9877(sm)-2and labelled people (in case i wasnt sure who he was – or who I was!)

KN3A9877(sm)-3They are amaing at putting everything in perspective 😀