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I am a big believer in trying to get in the photos with my children – and not holding back because of bad hair days, bad clothes or bad attitude!

IMG_1393(sm)So when Dx hurt his arm at the playground today and had to come out of his swimming class after 10 minutes because it hurt too much – we made the most of the extra time together by taking some selfies with my iphone.

IMG_1394(sm) IMG_1395(sm)Unfortunately..it soon descended into farce!

IMG_1396(sm) IMG_1397(sm) IMG_1399(sm) IMG_1400(sm) IMG_1401(sm) IMG_1402(sm) IMG_1403(sm) IMG_1405(sm) IMG_1406(sm)I hope they made you smile as much looking at them as they made us smile taking them πŸ™‚ And I hope that perhaps seeing them might make you think about getting in the picture more with your children – as I am sure my son will love to look back on these and see what silly things we used to do! He won’t care that I look a fool – he will love remembering that we had fun together.