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KN3A4070-Edit(sm)The day got off to a bad start as I set the alarm for an hour early in order to take account of the clocks changing overnight. luckily when it went off I looked at the wall clock and discovered my iphone had automatically adjusted to be an hour earlier – and so I was actually waking up at 5am. Luckily I realised before getting out of bed.

KN3A4045(sm)Things were not helped by the general unwell” feeling from yesterday having transformed into terrible earache and a sore throat. On the positive side the sun was shining!

KN3A4040(sm) KN3A4017(sm)Sx played brilliantly – we heard today he will get to do trials for the county rugby squad in May which he is obviously very excited about. Please keep your fingers crossed!

KN3A4001(sm) KN3A4000(sm)His tournament finished just in time for us to get back to school to pick up Lx. Her weekend away hadn’t gone as well as she had hoped. She had “visions” at night which had really scared her and I think at times she had found it all overwhelming. But overall she was glad she went – even if she is saying she doesn’t want to go n the next one. We have 18 months to change her mind.

And it was nice to have all four of them together again for the last few hours of mothers day.

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