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(all photos taken with iphone)

Whilst waiting for Lx to come out of school Dx was playing with a small ball. it rolled into the corner by the front door and he bent down to pick ut up He leapt up with it in his normal exuberant way…but hadn’t realised he was underneath the big metal post box sticking out from the wall. THere was a two second delay where I thought “that HAD to hurt” but there were no tears – and then the screaming began. And the blood. Lots of blood.

IMG_1650(sm)Luckily we went inside and a very efficient member of staff came to help us out, found what was needed in the medical room to clean him up and stop the bleeding. Then she bandaged him up to hold the pad in place. Dx wanted a photo to see what he looked like – and was so brave he even smiled for the photo!

IMG_1651(sm)Then off to A&E for us (and Lara). Luckily we were seen very quickly, they put glue on it and we were home within an hour.