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We set off for lunch and a meet up with friends today but I warned the children that when we got home I would need their help to pack up the car. I had already packed clothes and the main bits and pieces in my day without them on Wednesday but there were still lots of “bits” to sort out.

So after a lovely lunch – and a game of football for Sx with assorted strangers – we came home to get it sorted

KN3A4231(sm)My little team worked so well. Sx and Dx were in charge of “entertainment” – ie the box of DVDs, fishing nets, buckets and spades, playing cards, footballs, rugby tag belts etc.

Meanwhile Gx and Lx were in charge of “the car” – cleaning out all the rubbish, vacuuming out the dirt, programming the sat nav and printing off the directions for the last bit where we will be in the middle of nowhere and the sat nav gives up!



They did so well I treated them to a delivery pizza for tea!