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Pony rides were cancelled this morning as the lady wasn’t well so instead we got a special trip on Richard’s new huge trailer down to the fishing lake. It was beautiful down there but very muddy. luckily Richard remembered just in time to tell people to go get their wellies before we left.

KN3A5343(sm) KN3A5354(sm) KN3A5383(sm)Then home for an Easter egg hunt round the farm…

KN3A5448(sm) KN3A5469(sm)then a lunchtime barbeque with friends. beautiful weather for it and they invited most of the families staying on the farm so a chance to chat and get to know people…

KN3A5474(sm) KN3A5527(sm)It was nearly evening feeding by the time I dragged myself away from socialising – and another quick easter egg hunt in the gardens of one of the cottages. Then home to pack as tonight is unfortunately our last night here.

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