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Time to go home unfortunately. We decided to go to the beach for a couple of hours in the morning before heading home and had a wonderful time there.

KN3A5739(sm) KN3A5712(sm) KN3A5732(sm) KN3A5729(sm) KN3A5754(sm) KN3A5727(sm)They drew in the sand, skimmed stones, explored the rock pools – and then Sx and Gx went on a walk up to the top of the cliff (which left my stomach in knots as I watched them at the top and had no way of calling to remind them to be careful). I sent them up with a camera – which then scared me even more as the angles made it look like they were RIGHT at the edge.

KN3A5786(sm) P1440082(sm) P1440086(sm)A lovely lunch at the cafe beside the beach – pasties, ice cream and cream tea…and then the trip home.

P1440091(sm) P1440095(sm)