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As Sx is in the Under 12s team, it is the last time he and his friends will count as “minis” and be allowed on tour with the other young age groups. As such this tour is extra special to them. So I was thrilled that despite the forecast for rain all weekend we awoke after a night of torrential rain to find blue skies.

Unfortunately when we got to the beach…the tide was completely in and there was no room for a group of 30 U12s so after checking out how much beach was available and reporting back, we went back to the campsite.

KN3A6033(sm)KN3A5995(sm) When we got there Sx and his friends had decamped to the outdoor (heated) pool. Lara was determined to go in too so Matt accompanied her (whoops I had no swimming costume as I didn’t REALLY think we would be using the pool given the weather forecast. I think it was probably a good move on my part regardless of how warm the boys said it was!)

KN3A6100(sm)KN3A6056(sm) KN3A6104(sm)  KN3A6086(sm) KN3A6097(sm)After we thought the tide might have gone out a bit, we dragged the boys from the pool and set off back to the beach. The boys had a rugby ball or two so they were happy – and my little band were happy once we found somewhere selling buckets and spades.KN3A6120(sm)

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