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KN3A9316(sm)Straight after school we were off to the airport. Matt gave us a lift up there but then I was on my own – my first trip abroad with the kids! I still don’t really know what I am doing with printing my own boarding pass and check in – it’s all changed since I used to do it regularly. We managed to get us all – and all of our luggage – to Amsterdam, into a taxi and to my brothers for a few days away.

KN3A9288(sm) KN3A9291(sm)

He loves his new hat and he looks SO cool in it!!KN3A9296(sm) KN3A9295(sm) KN3A9294(sm)

Sx spends half his life with his arms up in the air and me saying “elbows DOWN it’s too crowded here” so I thought it was about time I got a photo or two of it…KN3A9297(sm) KN3A9310(sm) KN3A9311(sm)

Waiting for the gate to be announcedKN3A9308(sm) KN3A9301(sm) KN3A9318(sm)

er….just to be clear…no, we don’t love the rain – we want a sunny few days!KN3A9329(sm) KN3A9362(sm) KN3A9332(sm)

At the gate…KN3A9349(sm) KN3A9346(sm)

Collecting luggageKN3A9364(sm) KN3A9366(sm)

Waiting for the taxiKN3A9370(sm)