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KN3A0116(sm)We went to the market just round the corner for the kids to see if they could find anything to spend their holiday pocket money on. After much deliberating Sx bought an army hat (for the movies he makes) Dx bought a little magnet animal which wobbles and Lx bought a very elegant (but easily breakable) fan. Gx couldn’t  find anything he wanted.

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We also tried some little pancakes – which were so good we went back for seconds!


KN3A0145(sm) KN3A0146(sm) KN3A0149(sm)And I earnt myself some “good Mummy” points with the boys by buying them some hot chicken legs from the Kip stall.

KN3A9202(sm) KN3A9205(sm) KN3A9208(sm)Back to chill out and watch a movie (and for the adults to have a nap! I am sure its the kids who are supposed to need them!!)

KN3A9210(sm) KN3A9215(sm)We went to one of Amsterdam’s famous pancake restaurants in the evening. Unfortunately the weather had now broken and it was pouring with rain. But the kids soon forgot the wet streets outside when they saw the size of the pancakes! And Lx loved her “princess pancake” which came with earrings, a necklace and a handbag. Dx had a “pirate pancake” which came with a little pirate ship to go in the bath.

KN3A9234(sm) P1440282(sm)

The first photo of my brother and I for about 40 years! We have ones of the whole family but not of the two of us. My next project is one of me and both my brothers when we all meet up in the summer!


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