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KN3A9518(sm)Today after a quick breakfast,  we had a trip out on my brother’s boat. It was supposed to only be for a couple of hours as the weather was due to get bad in the afternoon. But the sun shone all day so we just kept going all day! (Sorry there are LOADS of photos!!)


KN3A9626(sm) KN3A9609-Edit(sm)  KN3A9601(sm)

This was the quirky little place we stopped at for lunchKN3A9598(sm) KN3A9596(sm) KN3A9583(sm) KN3A9579(sm) KN3A9572(sm) KN3A9570(sm) KN3A9564(sm) KN3A9561(sm) KN3A9538(sm) KN3A9537(sm)  KN3A9485(sm) KN3A9478(sm) KN3A9465(sm)  KN3A9378(sm)  KN3A9822(sm) KN3A9811(sm) KN3A9747(sm) KN3A9740(sm) KN3A9733(sm) KN3A9730(sm) KN3A9719-Edit(sm) KN3A9708(sm) KN3A9694(sm) KN3A9683(sm) KN3A9681(sm) KN3A9680(sm) KN3A9668(sm) KN3A9659(sm) KN3A9655(sm) KN3A9651(sm) KN3A9648(sm) KN3A9643(sm) KN3A9641(sm) KN3A9640(sm) KN3A9638(sm) KN3A9631(sm) KN3A9629(sm) KN3A9628(sm) KN3A9627(sm)