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KN3A9974-Edit-2(sm)Today was forecast as really warm – but ended up the same if not a bit greyer than yesterday (forecast showers!). Today we had a big trip planned on the boat…all the way to the windmills. Lx and I never went to the windmills when we came last year so we were keen to see them. So after a quick play on the keyboard…we set off.

KN3A9811(sm)We stopped for lunch opposite before going to explore. Unfortunately all the windmills were shut when we got there and all the activities for children had all closed for the day too but we still enjoyed having a wander past them

KN3A9832(sm) KN3A9834(sm)



In the lock we had to pay and the fee and ticket were exchanged with the lock keeper by means of a clog on a fishing line!KN3A9848(sm)Holding the boat against the wall in the lock

KN3A9845(sm)KN3A9860(sm) KN3A9865(sm) KN3A9885(sm)

Stopping for lunch….KN3A9933(sm) KN3A9905(sm) KN3A9918(sm) KN3A9924(sm) KN3A9935(sm) KN3A0057(sm) KN3A0059(sm) KN3A0060(sm) KN3A0061(sm) KN3A0071(sm) KN3A0072(sm) KN3A0081(sm)

Don’t worry -this is just the boys filming their latest movie!



KN3A0082(sm) KN3A0020(sm) KN3A0010-Edit(sm) KN3A0093(sm)

There was a little bit of much needed napping going on during the return trip