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IMG_1808(sm)Today in Amsterdam the plan was to go to a local theme park. The hire car was booked, the theme park tickets were bought, the plan was made for the morning and what tiem to leave…but unfortunately one thing we couldn’t control was the weather.

It was so wet…I barely got my camera out (only briefly for a couple of photos when Dx and I went on the little train round the park)

KN3A9306(sm) KN3A9305(sm)When we got back to the car 6 hours later, I discovered that the “waterproof” coats the children were wearing had not really coped with the constant downpour. it was a good job they had several layers underneath – and some dry clothes in the car.

Suffering withdrawal symptoms from lack of photos all day, I took some with the iphone out of the window on the way home…

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