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(the rest of our Amsterdam trip will be added when I get a chance!)

KN3A9369(sm)We are in charge of the neighbours chickens while they are on holiday so we went over today to collect the eggs in the morning, to let them out for a run around in the afternoon and then to put them to bed in the evening (which they weren’t keen on – just like the children!)

Other than that the day was filled with packing (for Lx to go to brownie camp and the boys to go stay with their Dad) washing and 100 other tasks. Meanwhile they children caught up on their scooters, their wii and their film editing.

KN3A9403(sm)KN3A9429-Edit(sm) KN3A9405(sm) KN3A9409(sm) KN3A9421(sm)  KN3A9416(sm) KN3A9445(sm) KN3A9447-Edit(sm)