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Mid afternoon I realised that I needed to get some bits at the supermarket and had no time before picking up the kids. Which meant I was stuck for food for dinner – so we went to the supermarket for dinner. That was the bribe for the little ones to then come back and buy a few essentials after we dropped Gx at his drama class next door.

KN3A9855(sm)-2They do a special deal after school – a free kid’s meal if you buy an adult meal. So I got an adult meal for Gx (a gourmet burger) and Lx and Dx shared the children’s meal (which was any 6 items to make a lunchbox). They were all happy and I got to do my shopping.

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Sx:Did you know Shakespeare died on his birthday?
Me:Yes – he had asthma and he had a big asthma attack after blowing out so many birthday candles

Sx: Really???
Me: No not really…..he choked on a piece of birthday cake

Sx: Really???
Me: No. He got over excited opening his birthday presents and had a heart attack
Sx: Mum…..

Me: Oh ok he didn’t. You know when they give people the bumps? Well they…
Sx: Mum stop now….

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