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I was more than a little nervous today about taking team photos of all the secondary school sports teams for their year book. I was told there were going to be about 50 teams – and the school had never attempted a shoot like it before!

KN3A1527(sm)I had no idea how long it would take but was really impressed when we managed to take the 42 shots it ended up being …in around 90 minutes. Given the number of children involved, the changes of clothes required and the constant threat of rain, it went very smoothly.

In the evening Sx had art homework to do – and much to my amazement he spent over an hour on it. He followed a youtube video in order to produce this drawing.

Last week he had homework to set up a group to play “Hall of Fame” – he worked out what was needed after listening to it a few times and then spent about 6 hours over the week incessantly practising it. I am so impressed with his musicality. But am now heartily sick of the song!